Permitting Forms & Documents

The City's new, Electronic Plan Review (ePlan), effects many of our permitting processes and required documentation.  This forms library will eventually include most of the forms necessary for all permitting projects, right now this is a list of the most common forms needed.  

 If you need to know how to apply, visit our Guide to Getting a Permit or our Permit Catalog.

You can also visit our old Building Department Page. 


List of Building Forms to be Used for Legacy Projects (Applications before ePlan, 12/5/18), or affidavits/applications that need to be printed and scanned into your ePlan account. 


Affidavit - 30 Day Temp Electrical


Affidavit - Fire-Rated Joints & Penetrations


Affidavit - Insulation Certificate


Affidavit - Post-Tensioning Shop Drawings                                                                    


Affidavit - Sound Transmission         


Change of Architect/Engineer   


Contractor's Qualification  


Notice of Commencement


Permit - Application 


Permit - Folio / Address Change                                                                                                                                          


Permit - Revocation


Permit - Itemized Electrical


Permit - Itemized Mechanical


Permit - Itemized Plumbing/Plumbing Gas


Request for Refund


Special Inspector - Notification to Building Department


Special Inspector - Mechanical 


Private Provider


40 Year Recertification 


Microfilm Request 


Unsafe Structures


Roofing Permit Packet


Affidavit - Roof Decking


Affidavit - Roof to Wall Connections


Affidavit - Owner's Exemption


Owners's Notification for Roofing Considerations