Get a 40/50 Year Recertification

Did you receive a notification stating your building is due for recertification? The City re-certifies structures 40 years or older to ensure they are safe for use and occupancy, as per the Miami-Dade County Code.

NOTE: If you're building is OVERDUE for recertification (years built 1982/1983/1984), you cannot do this process online. You must visit the Unsafe Structures department, within the Building Department at:
444 SW 2nd Ave, 4th Floor


Do You Feel you Are Exempt?

  • Single family homes, duplexes, or structures that are 2,000 square feet or less and have an occupancy load of ten or less are exempt from recertification.
  • If you feel you are exempt, please request an exemption via email by sending the full property address and your reasoning to
  • You will hear back within four weeks. 

Do You Need More Time?

  • Your request for an extension must be received before the recertification due date. 
  • An extension carries a $500 fee, if approved.
  • You may request an extension via email. Include the full property address and send to 
  • You will hear back within four weeks. 

Considering Repairs?

NOTE: You must submit the below report before undergoing any repairs. This submission will allow you 60 days to obtain a permit for your repairs without incurring a violation.  If repairs are needed, proper permitting procedures must be followed before the building can be re-certified. Please visit our permitting page for additional information. 

To Proceed, Get an Inspection

To get a 40/50 year re-certification, you need to hire an architect or engineer to inspect your property. For your convenience, these sample inspection forms can be helpful.

NOTE: These forms outline the minimum requirements needed. Your architect or engineer may want to include more.

NOTE: You will also need a Parking Lot Illumination Certificate (if applicable) and a cover letter signed, sealed, and dated by the professional engineer or architect with their recommendation

Prepare Documents

Once the inspection is completed, you will apply and submit your documents online, which means they need to be properly named for our system. 

  • To upload a report, it is necessary to scan it as a PDF format and save it using the City of Miami Standard Naming Conventions, which are the following:

40-S: Structural Report
40-E: Electrical report, which includes the illumination letter which the word “meet” or “not meet” must be checked. If 40-C is for the cover letter.  If the electrical report is done by another professional, add another PDF and name it as 40-CE for the electrical cover letter.
40-C: Cover Letter
40-CE: If the professional is an electrical engineer, this is for the separate cover letter. 
40-PHO (photos)

View More Naming Conventions

Apply in iBuild

  • You will need to create an account in iBuild. Make sure to use the email of the person who is going to upload the reports throughout the entire process. (Only one email address can be used for this entire process).
  • Once you have logged in, you must:
    • Go to Start application -- Select Building Permit Application
    • Enter your address and confirm owner/address
    • Select Architect/Engineer
    • If your building is due for recertification (you will have received a letter about this), you will see an option for "Apply for 40/50 Recertification". If your building is not due, this option will not show.  NOTE: If you're building is OVERDUE for recertification (years built 1982/1983/1984), you cannot do this process online. 
    • The system will ask if you want to upload documents, select "YES". Finish the remaining steps. NOTE: Make sure to use the email of the person who is going to upload the reports/documents throughout the process application. This is who will receive the link for uploading documents - no one else will receive this link
    • Download the invoice and pay the upfront fee (if applicable) in iBuild - payments. NOTE: Your BD number is the same as your process number. 

Submit Documents Online

You will receive an email from ePlan/ProjectDox instructing you to log in. This will connect your account with your application. Before uploading any documents, triple-check that you have properly named all documents.

Once log in to ProjectDox, you must:

  • Select "Manage Your Plan Review"
  • Select the project number/plan number
  • There are two folders, select the "documents" 
  • Click “Applicant Upload Task” or "Applicant resubmit Task" or "Corrections"
  • Follow the instruction – upload required documents (the package/report from your engineer or architect). Be sure this is properly named.
  • Complete the task - Submit to City of Miami

Wait for a Response.

You will either receive a letter stating your re-certification is complete or a notice with necessary changes within six weeks.

Close Violation, if Applicable

If you applied for re-certification in response to a building violation notice or your above letter states that you owe fees, you must pay the violation fees in order to receive your re-certification. Email to determine fees and get payment instructions.