Repair or Renovate a Historic Property

Do you need to repair or make changes to a historic property? The City of Miami requires a certificate of appropriateness (COA) for any work on historic properties in order to protect our city's history.  This can include small projects like window replacements as well as large projects like new construction.  

NOTE: All property construction requires traditional permitting.  The steps below are to acquire necessary certificates applicable to historic properties only, an additional step to the permitting process


Contact Staff to Discuss Your Project.

To save time and effort, we highly recommend speaking to a preservation staff member about your proposed project. You can make an appointment and/or ask general questions by calling your district's representative:

  • Coconut Grove Village West Multiple Property Designation, Palm Grove Historic District, Morningside Historic District, South River Drive Historic District, Downtown National Register District, and Bayside Historic District, contact Indra Alma at
  • Archaeological Conservations Zones, Scenic Transportation Corridors, Environmental Preservation Districts, Spring Garden Historic District, Riverview Historic District, Lummus Park Historic District, Buena Vista East Historic District, and Beverly Terrace Historic District contact Adrian Espinosa-Valdor at
  • Miami Modern/Biscayne Boulevard Historic District contact Vickie Toranzo at

Determine Which Kind of Project You are Undertaking

TIP: Step 1 will help you determine which certificate you need.