Request a Rezone/FLUM Change/SAP

Do you want to change the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) designation or Zoning designation for a property within Miami? Learn how to apply for a Miami 21 Atlas (Rezoning), Comprehensive Plan Amendment, and/or a Special Area Plan (SAP) below.  The City of Miami has a twice-yearly cycle for private applications for these changes—one in Spring and one in Fall.  All zoning changes  must be reviewed at public hearing(s) by the Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board (PZAB) and City Commission. 

Download Deadlines for the 2023 Miami 21 Atlas (Rezone)/Future Land Use Map (FLUM)/Comprehensive Plan/Special Area Plan (SAP) Amendment Cycles(PDF, 146KB)


Review Deadlines for Spring 2023 Rezone/Future Land Use Map (FLUM)/Comprehensive Plan/Special Area Plan (SAP) Cycle

  • Deadline for Pre-Application Meeting Request: June 14, 5 p.m

      Find out more at the Pre-Application Process Page 

  • Apply for your Rezone/FLUM Change/SAP: July 20, 2022
  • Must submit all corrections in order to pass pre-screen by and pay upfront fees by: Wednesday, August 3, 2022 by noon (12:00 p.m. EST) 
  • Project Assigned to Planner: Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Issue First Round of Comments to Applicant(s): Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Review Comments with Applicant(s): Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Applicant Resubmission to Address Staff Comments: Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Issue Second Round of Comments to Applicant(s): Friday, November 18, 2022

Applicant Deadline to Respond to Staff Comments Cycle 2: Friday, December 9, 2022

Referral to Hearing Boards Division for Public Hearing Processing: Friday, January 13, 2023

Provide Hearing Boards Related Documents and Make Payment: Friday, January 27, 2023

2023 Planning, Zoning, and Appeals Board (PZAB): March, 2023

2023 City Commission: April, 2023

*The deadline to request a Pre-Application Meeting is two weeks prior to the meeting date by 5:00 p.m. (the last day to request for the Spring 2023 Rezone Cycle is June 14, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.)

NOTE: As of June 28, the Planning Department has not been able to schedule meetings yet for all requests for pre-application meetings for the Spring 2023 Rezone Cycle that were sent by 5PM on June 14. Additional meeting times are being created to finalize all Spring 2023 Rezone Cycle pre-application meetings. These will be sent by July 15. Timely submitters for these pre-application meetings will be contacted individually with their pre-application meeting schedules by July 1.

Contact  with any questions.

Apply for your Pre-Application Meeting

NOTE: You will have the option to attend your meeting either in-person, virtually (conducted via Microsoft Teams) or as a hybrid (some team members in-person, others virtually). A $500 fee will be assessed. 

  • The Planning Department is requiring all applicants requesting a change of Miami 21 Atlas (Rezone), Comprehensive Plan , or Special Area Plan (SAP) to 'attend' a Pre-Application meeting. You cannot apply for a Miami 21 Atlas Amendment (Rezone) until you've attended a pre-application meeting.  

The deadline to request a Pre-Application Meeting for the Spring 2023 Miami 21 Atlas (Rezone)/Future Land Use Map (FLUM)/Comprehensive Plan/Special Area Plan (SAP) Amendment Cycle is June 14, 2022 by 5:00 p.m. 

Prepare Documents for Pre-Application Meeting

You will be emailed with a date for your pre-application meeting. You must bring (or send) the following documents to your pre-application meeting:

  • Letter of Intent- includes all addresses, a letter for Miami 21 Atlas (Rezone), and a letter for the Comprehensive Plan 
  • Analysis of proposed Miami 21 Atlas (Rezone) and Comprehensive Plan Amendment.
    • This must address how your proposal meets criteria of Miami 21, Article 7, Section (a) and (f).
  • If you are applying for a Future Land Use Map (FLUM) amendment, address how your proposal is consistent with the Miami Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan (MCNP)
  • Zoning map of the surrounding area (half-mile radius from your property).

Apply for a Miami 21 Atlas- Rezone/FLUM/SAP

After your pre-application meeting, immediately begin gathering your additional documents and submit your official application. You may apply for a Miami 21 Atlas Amendment (Rezone) as soon as your pre-application meeting is complete.  
TIP: Apply earlier and work through our steps faster, get to hearing sooner!

The deadlines to apply for a Miami 21 Atlas (Rezone) /Future Land Use Map (FLUM)/Comprehensive Plan/Special Area Plan (SAP). You may not apply until you have completed your pre-application meeting (above). 

Gather documents for your application.  Only ePlan submittals with ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS FROM CHECKLISTS will be considered for the Rezone Cycle.  Submittals with missing documents may reapply for the next Cycle. Applicants should discuss how to avoid this in their Pre-Application meetings or e-mail

View document checklists: 

Apply for Miami 21 Atlas Change (Rezone)

NOTE: To apply, select zoning applications.
Depending on your application type, you may need to also apply for a FLUM and/or SAP.  You'll need a separate application for each process. 

Address Pre-Screen Notes from City

  • Your documents will be "pre-screened", and you will hear back with notes & corrections from our staff in ePlan. They will request any additional information needed (i.e. survey etc.). You must make all pre-screen corrections requested by staff, or your application will not proceed in the cycle. 
  • All pre-screen corrections must be made by the deadline
    TIP: These notes and corrections are not the same as ePlan's 'staff review', which will take place after you pass your pre-screen. 
    NOTE: Do not wait until this date to re-submit, the application must be free of corrections by this date or it will not be eligible to participate in the Spring 2023 Rezone Cycle. 

Respond to Staff Review, if Applicable

After you have passed pre-screen, your application will be assigned to a staff reviewer, who may contact you with any additional questions.  If so, these need to be addressed.  Applicants must respond to staff’s written comments within the timeframe to maintain a hearing date.

*NOTE: Failure to respond timely to staff's comments will impact the public hearing date.

Await Word from Hearing Boards, Attend Hearings

You must pass the pre-screen and staff review (when applicable) in order for your application to be analyzed for a PZAB hearing (assigned by Hearing Boards). The Planning staff will finalize their analyses and batch stamp documents for public hearing.
NOTE: Planners cannot assign hearing dates. 

The Office of Hearing Boards will finalize arrangements with you and provide dates for the public hearings, which includes appearance(s) before Planning, Zoning, and Appeals Board (PZAB) and a minimum of two appearances before the City Commission. 

NOTE: This process is a general overview of how the Rezone application takes place. Delays and exceptions can arise based on the complexity of an application and/or the recommendation(s) of the boards.