Hearing Boards Office

Our office is a division within the Planning department. We prepare, disseminate, and preserve, public hearing records for the majority of the city of Miami's quasi-judicial and quasi-legislative boards. 

Office Hours: The City of Miami's Administration Building is temporarily closed. Please visit us online at any one of the below services.

IMPORTANT: Final decisions by the Planning Director, Zoning Administrator, the PZAB or the HEPB may be appealed. The deadline in which to file an appeal has been tolled pursuant to City of Miami Ordinance 13902.  The deadline to file an appeal shall be tolled so long the City of Miami remains in a State of Local Emergency, as declared by Mayor Francis X. Suarez, or until Ordinance 13902 is repealed. The filing of an appeal, and payment of appropriate fee, may be submitted online through the appropriate link below.


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