Release of Lien Request (RLN)

Do you have a property in which you will like to request a release of lien (RLN)? Have you complied all violations and paid all outstanding fees?  

Liens are placed on violating properties that have been determined to be guilty by the Code Enforcement Board and have not come into compliance by the ordered due date.  Liens are removed once the property has come into compliance, all outstanding fines have been paid, and you have made this request and received approval. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: A lien cannot be released if the violation(s) is open and/or there are unpaid fees. 




Step 1.Determine If You Can Request A Release of Lien (RLN).

  1. You can only request a release of lien if the case is Complied and all fines are paid.  You can pay here
  2. You will need to have a ticket number or case number to complete this request. A folio number will not be accepted.
  3. This website is only for City of Miami liens. Please ensure that this is the jurisdiction of your case

Step 2.Review Compliance and Fines.

You will need to ensure: 


If your case is not in compliance, you will need to contact the issuing department who issued the ticket to discuss how to bring the case into compliance. 
Code Compliance Main Number: 305-416-2087
Solid Waste Main Number:305-960-2806


If you have unpaid fines, please contact the Finance Department for Pay off total at Please include in the Subject Field – “AR Liens – Demetrio’s Section”.
Note:  This does no apply to AL17-Demolition Liens and any Lien that will go to Mitigation.  To pay applicable fines, pay here or call our finance department at (305) 416-1975.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A lien cannot be released if the violation(s) is open and/or there are unpaid fees

Step 3.Request a Release of Lien (RLN).

Please have your ticket or case number available for the request questionnaire, below.
REMINDER: You can not make this request if you have unpaid fines or have not complied with your violation. 

Click Here to Request a Release of Lien

Step 4.What Happens Next?

  • You will receive a response through email within 3-5 business days. 
  • If your request is complete (complied with no unpaid fines), you will receive an email confirming that the Release of Lien has been sent to the County for recordation. 
  • If your request is incomplete, you will be redirected back to the Finance or issuing department. After you have addressed compliance and payment, you will need to submit a new request.