Electronic Plan Review to start Monday

Published on September 28, 2018


(Miami, FL September 28, 2018) - On Monday, October 1, 2018, the City of Miami will launch Electronic Plan Review (ePlan) to provide residents, contractors and developers with the option to apply, upload drawings and documents for permits electronically.

Electronic Plan Review is a convenient service that speeds-up the existing permitting process by replacing the traditional paper-based review method. lt improves the plan review cycle, reduces costs associated with obtaining right of way, special permits and building permits and reinforces our commitment to resilience by reducing paper.
"We're committed to customer service and efficiency, and ePlan helps us achieve this while also proving that resilience and innovation can be part of everything we do" said City Manager Emilio Gonzalez. "As part of our Service City Initiative, we continue streamlining our processes and making our services easily accessible to our residents and businesses."

The City of Miami continues to focus its efforts on providing a number of convenient, efficient services online. With ePlan the review time is less, since the plan can be reviewed by different disciplines simultaneously. The first phase of this implementation will include the departments of Planning, Zoning and Public Works, and it will be expanded to other areas by the end of the year.

Benefits of ePlan 
•    Provides time and cost savings to customers by minimizing the need to travel to city facilities to conduct plan review and permitting activity.
•    Streamline and expedite the permitting process by allowing reviews to be concurrent
•    Provide ability to track the status of plan review as well as review comments
•    Access approved plans and permit cards electronically

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