Send Notification Letters to Neighbors

Certain permits (warrants, exceptions, special events, and more) require you to send certified letters to your abutting neighbors, HOAs and more. You can learn how to gather the appropriate addresses here.  


Look up Your Address Using our Mapping Tool

Start by looking up the property in question (for a permit, event, etc.) using our GIS tool hereIf you aren't sure how to use the GIS tool, click here for instructions.

Find Abutting Properties (if required)

If your request instructs you to locate abutting properties, click on all properties that touch your property or directly face it on any side (and, in the case of a corner lot, diagonally faces it). This will give you the name + mailing addresses of the legal property owners for these parcels.  

Find Radius Properties (if required)

Certain requests (waivers, intended decisions and more) instruct you to send letters to properties within a specific radius. 

In GIS, the “Buffer Radius Distance” icon allows you to enter a desired distance (for example 1,500 feet). The 1,500 foot radius appears with your subject property at the center. This function will select every single property that falls within the desired radius.

Contact your NET office for HOA list

The tab "district" will tell you the name and phone number of your corresponding NET Office.  

To determine if there are any registered HOAs that need to be notified and to gather that list (this will include the City of Miami Planning Department, and City Commissioner of the district where the subject property is located), you need to contact the NET office that corresponds to the property and request the most accurate and updated list. This will be emailed to you.

Make Copies & Mail

You must make a copy of each notification letter, addressed to the proper recipient, and mail via U.S. Certified mail.   A copy of each letter with its corresponding certified, return mail receipt must be presented with your final documents. 

NOTE: For most permit requests, your final application and documents must be submitted no later than five (5) business days from the date the notifications are mailed, as reflected on the certified mail reciepts.