Rent the Manuel Artime Theater

Looking to host your next event in a city owned and operated theater? The Manuel Airtime theater is a beautiful and historic venue able to seat 880 people for parties, symphonies, concerts and more.  The City of Miami purchased the theater in order to provide the community with an affordable venue for events, as well as to showcase local artists.


Select Dates.

Choose your ideal dates for renting the theater, as well as two alternative dates. To save time, please call us to find available dates. You can reach us at (305) 960-4684 between 7AM and 4PM Monday - Friday.

Complete the Reservation Form.

If the date you'd like is available, you may begin the reservation process.

Complete the Reservation Form

Await Confirmation.

Once we receive the reservation form and confirm your dates are available, we will send you an invoice for a deposit of $205.00 for each day you'd like to reserve the theater. 

Pay for Reservation.

Payment must be made within seven days of receipt of the invoice in order to hold your dates.  

TIP: The invoice has all the information required in order to make your payment. If the final documents for your event are not turned in within 30 days of your event, you will lose your deposit (see below).  

Review Required Documents.

Prior to your event, you will receive by email the following documents:

  1. Contract
  2. Full invoice for event
  3. Sample insurance (If you are providing your own insurance)
  4. Sample of 501C3 (If you are providing proof of non-profit)
  5. Sample of Catering License (If you are selling alcohol or food)
  6. Sample of Visa Requirements (If your artist is foreign)
  7. Direct Deposit Form

Submit Documents.

You must submit the following documents in-person or via mail no less than 30 days prior to your event. Deliver to:

Manuel Airtime Theater - Attn: Yunior Santana
900 SW 1st St
Miami, FL, 33190

  1. Three, original signed and notarized contracts
  2. Proof of Insurance
  3. Proof of payment
  4. 20 complimentary tickets
  5. Any other required documentation specified in the email that was sent to you
  6. If documents are not in our possession 30 days prior to your event, your deposit will be lost

Confirmation of Event.

You will receive an email confirming that your event is approved within 72 hours.