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Are you a resident of the City of Miami and want to find out your recycling zone/see when your recycling gets picked up?  The City of Miami Solid Waste Department provides free recycling collection every other week and does not coincide with your garbage collection days. Your recycle route is based on your address.

Please note the Department of Solid Waste only closes on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Christmas Day. Please refer to your recycling calendar for make-up dates if your normal collection schedule would fall on one of these dates. 




Step 1.View Schedules

Determine your zone on the map and view the corresponding schedule. 

See Maps & Schedules

Step 2.Put Out/Clean Up Your Recycling Bins

  • Be sure to put out your recycling bins 12-24 hours prior to the morning of pickup.
  • Bins (carts) must be at least five feet away from any obstruction (trees, cars, light poles, etc.)
  • Bins (carts) must be removed within 24 hours after pickup to avoid a citation.