Report Illegal Dumping

Have you seen debris in the public right of way, or what you believe to be illegal dumping? Items that are disposed of improperly such as garbage bags on a vacant lot, a trash pile on the street, a mound of tires, or construction waste are considered illegal dumping, which is a criminal offense. The city addresses this problem to ensure the safety of its residents and the beauty of our neighborhoods. 


Step 1.Determine the 'What' and 'When'.

If you witness what you believe to be an illegal dumping in progress, call Police Non-Emergency at (305) 579-6111. If you witness someone dumping what you believe to be hazardous waste, please call 911.  

Before you call... 

  • Get the license plate number. 
  • Get a description of the vehicle. 
  • Make a note of what is being dumped.

Step 2.Report Illegal Dumping that has Already Occurred.

If you have spotted debris in the public right of way, or items that you believe were dumped illegally, please gather the following:

  • Address (to the best of your knowledge)
  • Date
  • Items dumped

Call 311 to make the report.

Step 3.Avoid Illegal Dumping Yourself.

Often, illegal dumping occurs because someone is unsure of what do with large trash items (bulky trash). The City of Miami offers weekly bulky trash service for residential properties of up to four units. If you live in an apartment or condo, you can visit the city's "mini dump" to dispose of your bulky trash Monday - Saturday, 8AM - 5PM at:

1290 NW 20th St, Miami, FL 33142