Access Current Procurement Solicitations (Bids + Proposals)

Do you want to view and/or reply to a procurement solicitation that was issued by The City of Miami? The City allows the public to see the list of all open solicitations, so they may consider applying.  

You can create a quote by following these steps.


Read the Solicitation in its Entirety.

You can view all open solicitations by following the below.  Please read the solicitation thoroughly before applying.  

  • TIP: Click on the "sunglass icon" on the right to view details.  
  • Click Document - PDF File to see the main document. 
  • In order to view all attachments, you must be registered as a city vendor and login to the system. If you have not done so, you may register as city vendor here

View Solicitations (Goods & Services)

View Solicitations (Capital Improvement Projects)