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The City of Miami's Opportunity Center connects ready, willing and able job seekers with local job opportunities and employment resources through our newest hiring platform. Whether you are seeking a job or hiring new talent, this free platform goes beyond the scope of what local governments typically do.  Click below on Job Seekers or Employers to learn more.



Interested in finding a job? Need help with your resume? The City of Miami's Opportunity Center connects ready, willing and able job seekers with local job opportunities and employment resources.

NOTE: These are NOT job listings for/within the City of Miami government. Visit this page if that's what you're looking for.

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No Computer Access?

The City of Miami's 311 Call Center can also help you find a computer which you can use at a convenient location to access training and employment opportunities that match your skills and abilities. Call the City of Miami 311 (dial on your phone) or click on  Miami-Dade County Public Library System for a location near you.


The City of Miami Opportunity Center connects businesses and job seekers. We offer an array of services to help businesses save money, improve productivity and provide a competitive edge.  Our no-cost recruitment services include area hiring fairs where we invite employers to attend and job-seekers from our network to connect with the jobs they have available.

Employers are invited to Submit a Job Listing for your upcoming and current job opportunities through our SalesForce/LaunchPad portal. Think of us as your human resources department. No matter what your industry, size or employee needs, The City of Miami Opportunity Center can help you screen and hire qualified motivated employees ready to work for you. 

Submit a Job Listing

After you've submitted your listing, an Employer Specialist will submit resumes of qualified candidates by employer preferred method for consideration for interview.

Benefits of Listing Jobs with the Opportunity Center:

  • No fee advertising through the City of Miami Opportunity Center
  • Pre-screened qualified candidates from within the City of Miami limits
  • A professional placement network to assist your company with no fee referrals of individuals for all organizational levels
  • Personalized assistance from trained Business Consultants to customize your search for current and future positions
  • Community outreach and resource information sessions and workshops
  • Potential financial and tax incentives that will increase revenue and sustain growth in a competitive market
  • Hiring events tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business

Put us to work for you, so you can focus on what’s important – running your business.

LaborMiami.org is a one-stop-shop created to strengthen the talent and opportunity pipeline in Miami, helping residents, students, entrepreneurs and businesses alike. It is a centralized, easy to access, and comprehensive online tool that will help all Miamians identify and easily access the resources they need to thrive. The portal features the latest labor market data on the fastest-growing employment sectors, while also presenting pathways to these prosperous industries. Additionally, the portal connects users to wraparound services like early childhood education, immigration support, digital literacy, wealth building resources and so much more! 

Below, you'll find a list of outside resources that may also help you with the job search.

Each link contains lists of jobs available in South Florida in many different industries. Browse through the lists and follow the instructions on how to apply:

Indeed:Search engine for South Florida jobs
Employflorida: Search engine for jobs in the state of Florida
USAjobs: Search engine for Federal Jobs
America's Job Bank: Search nationwide public employment
Computer Jobs in Florida: Computing and information technology opportunities
People First: State of Florida government jobs
Healthcare Job Bank: Search engine for jobs in healthcare nationwide
Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation: Prepare qualified individuals with disabilities for employment
Senior Job Bank: Search engine for workers 55 or older
Job Opportunity Tool:  Redfin’s tool to help Americans relocate each year and where to open offices. The tool shows metro area job clusters and metro area pay ranges for a given occupation from Bureau of labor Statistics.  It also compares pay across cities and reports migration patterns throughout the country.  The tool allows to compare pay for a specific occupation across different cities.  It also incorporates living costs in relation to pay. It also provides information for employers and entrepreneurs. 
Opportunity Score: Redfin’s online tool helps Americans find homes within a 30-minute car-free commute to nearby good paying jobs (40k+).  Score is based on how easy it is to get to jobs without a car and shows what types of jobs are available in that city/area.  The Opportunity Score also helps highlight access to jobs in car dependent areas. The Score can also help compare cities and reports home prices (trends) for rental and sales. 


Robert Sellers - Program Supervisor

Robert Sellers joined the City of Miami in 2013 and is currently the Opportunity Center Employer Specialist Supervisor. Prior to the current position, he spent 10 years in employment services as a Center Director, Employer Consultant, and Job Placement Specialist creating career opportunities by providing employers with a diverse and trained talent pool. He is a strong advocate for economic development that promotes direct community involvement and growth. As a graduate of Wayne State College, he holds a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Business Administration and Finance.

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Robert Sellers, Email: rsellers@miamigov.com


Michael Roman - Program Manager

Michael Roman joined the City of Miami in 2016 and is currently the Community Partnerships and Strategy Manager. He plays an important role in managing projects and creating initiatives that have resulted in innovative approaches to community development projects that promote social change and healthier neighborhoods. Actively working with community-based organizations, various stakeholders, boards, committees and residents, he builds relationships that are essential to change. 


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Michael Roman, Email: mroman@miamigov.com


The Opportunity Center’s purpose is to connect ready, willing and able job seekers across various professions to viable employment opportunities where self-sufficiency and sustainability is promoted. To provide a comprehensive approach to obtaining careers via training, professional development, and supportive services and employer retention.