Get a Hydrant Flow/Fire Flow Test

Are you undertaking new construction, creating an addition larger than 2500 square feet or a renovation greater than 25%?

If so, when applying for your building permit, you will be instructed to get a hydrant or fire flow test in order to ensure safe and effective pressures and water flow to your building for domestic and emergency services.



What is your Need?

1. Often, applicants need a hydrant flow test for a building permit application. Likely, you'd be notified if you need to do this procedure. Guide to Getting a Permit

Any of the following triggers a Fire Hydrant Flow Test for any given project:

  • New Construction
  • Any addition greater than 2500 sq. ft.
  • Any renovation greater than 25%
  • Request for hydraulic calculations

2. If you are not applying for a building permit (yet), and want to perform a hydrant flow test as a property evaluation or for any other reason, proceed below. 

Collect Documents

You will need a civil site plan for this application, which indicates the project and the pertinent water mains.

  • You/your contractor must show, on a civil site map, which main is being tapped as the building's point-of-service(s) for water. 
  • You can access county water maps through the WASD website.
  • Under current Code, if your project is 420’ or greater you will need a redundant (second) Fire Line which also entails a second Flow Test for that line. 


  • If/when the Building department determines you need this test, you will be provided with a flow test application to complete.  If you did not receive this, you can complete the form below. 
  • If you are getting a flow test independent of a permit application, complete the below application.

Complete the Application for Fire/Hydrant Flow Test

Pay Fees

  • Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive an invoice with a financial transaction ID for this service, pay through the link below.
  • The fee is $250 per test.

Pay Fee

Await Confirmation

When your documentation is complete and payment is made, you will receive your test results via email (usually within two weeks from date of invoice). The result will be pass or fail. 

Address Comments

  • Any failure will require that the applicant must contact WASD for a remedy of failure. This will likely result in a re-test.
  • If you receive comments from the fire department, address those comments immediately. Once you've made improvements or adjustments, start at the beginning of this process for your retest.
  • Your final building permit will not be issued until your property has passed this test.