Get a 40/50 Year Recertification

Did you receive a notification stating your building is due for recertification? The City recertifies structures 40 years or older to ensure they are safe for continued use, as per the Miami-Dade County Code.


Step 1.Do You Feel you Are Exempt?

  • Single family homes, duplexes, or structures that are 2,000 square feet or less and have an occupancy load of ten or less are exempt from recertification.
  • If you feel you are exempt, please request an exemption via email by sending the full property address and your reasoning to
  • You will hear back within four weeks. 

Step 2.Do You Need More Time?

  • Your request for an extension must be received before the recertification due date. 
  • An extension carries a $500 fee, if approved.
  • You may request an extension via email. Include the full property address and send to 
  • You will hear back within four weeks. 

Step 3.Considering Repairs?

NOTE: You must submit the below report before undergoing any repairs. This submission will allow you 60 days to obtain a permit for your repairs without incurring a violation.  If repairs are needed, proper permitting procedures must be followed before the building can be recertified. Please visit our permitting page for additional information. 

Step 4.To Proceed, Get an Inspection

To get a 40/50 year re-certification, you need to hire an architect or engineer to inspect your property. For your convenience, a sample inspection form can be found here.  

NOTE: This form outlines the minimum requirements needed. Your architect or engineer may want to include more.

Step 5.Collect Documents

Once the inspection is completed, the report must be submitted in-person or mailed with the following:

  • Submittal fee of $276 (checks payable to City of Miami).
  • Parking Lot Illumination Certificate (if applicable). 
  • A cover letter signed, sealed, and dated by the professional engineer or architect with their recommendation.

Step 6.Send Documents + Report

You can mail your completed report and payment, or bring it in person to:

The City of Miami - Unsafe Structures Section
444 SW 2nd Ave, 4th Floor
Miami, FL, 33130

Step 7.Wait for a Response.

You will either receive a letter stating your re-certification is complete or a notice with necessary changes within six weeks.

Step 8.Close Violation, if Applicable

If you applied for re-certification in response to a building violation notice or your above letter states that you owe fees, you must pay the violation fees in order to receive your re-certification. Email to determine fees and get payment instructions.