Right of Way Dedications

Are you applying for a building permit, and the plan review says you need to obtain a right-of-way dedication? The City of Miami continuously assesses street widths to adjust for increased traffic, adequate public access, and to accommodate emergency vehicles, and a right-of-way dedication ensures that your deed reflects these updates. 

View Sample Right of Way Deed. 


Collect the Following Documents

NOTE: All documents must be hard-copy originals. 

  • Boundary survey of property, less than six months old (dated, original signature, and raised seal).
  • Sketch and legal description of the area being dedicated (three originals, letter size, dated, original signature, and raised sealed). View Sample. 
  • Building process or permit # (you're only doing this process if you already applied for a permit). If you're unsure, click here to see our permits page. 
  • Copy of survey from the plans permit set, marked by a Public Works plan reviewer reflecting the area required to be dedicated.  
  • Copy of recorded warranty deed of property.  If the deed is more than six months old, we also need one of the following:
  • Copy of current paid property tax bill – as long as it shows same ownership that is on Warranty Deed.
  • Current Opinion of Title from attorney showing legal, fee simple owner, and any mortgage on property.
  • Any recent refinancing on the property that updated the title would also be acceptable.

Is There a Mortgage on the Property?

  • If there is a mortgage on the property, you must provide a Partial Release of Mortgage (original and not recorded) between the property owner and the mortgage holder for the area being dedicated. The Partial release of Mortgage will be recorded by the City of Miami. 
  • If there is not a mortgage on the property, you must provide a letter stating there is no mortgage on the property (notarized and signed by the owner). In case of a corporation ownership, the letter must contain the corporate seal.

Provide the Following, Depending on Type of Ownership

This step helps us to identify the person(s) who will be signing the new right of way deed. 

  • If property is owned individually (by a person/people, rather than a partnership or company), you must submit your marital status. If married, you must provide a copy of your marriage certificate and your spouse’s signature will be required on your request.
  • If property is owned by a corporation or company, you must provide the following information: 
  • An original resolution for authority to execute the Right-of-Way Deed (current date). It must contain the correct signature block and corporate seal and be notarized.
  • A current certificate of good standing for the corporation from the Secretary of State.
  • If property is owned by a partnership, than partnership paper (documentation showing who has the authority to bind the partnership/enter into agreements) will be required.
  • If property is owned by an off-shore corporation (e.g. Netherland Antilles), the following information is required:
  •      Financial Statement
  •      Alien Report
  •      Who has authority to bind (Managing Director)
  •      Right to do business in U.S. or Florida
  • If property is owned in a trust, you must provide a copy of the trust agreement.

NOTE: If Power of Attorney (POA) is to be used for any signature on the deed, the POA documentation must be original, no older than six months, and specify that this authorizes POA to execute deeds and covenants and is signed, witnessed, and notarized by owner. 

Submit Complete Package for Review

Once you have collected all of the above documents, please submit complete, hard-copy "Right of Way Dedication" package (in-person) to:

The Department of Resilience and Public Works (Survey Section)
Miami Riverside Center -  444 SW 2nd Ave, 7th Floor
Miami, FL 

Phone: 305-416-1262

NOTE: The Public Works staff will review this package with you in-person to check for completeness.

Await Review

  • You will be notified within two weeks if your package complies with the requirements or if revisions are required.
  • If revisions are required, you must address the comments and re-submit. 

Collect Deed

After your complete documentation is in order, the Right of Way Deed will be prepared, and once ready, you will be notified to pick it up (usually two weeks after initial review) at the above address. Staff will explain any additional, important details. 

Execute Your Deed

Once you have picked up your Right of Way deed, you must sign it and have it notarized and witnessed.

Return Deed

After your Right of Way deed has been properly executed, return it to the above address in-person (do not mail or drop off this document). This satisfies the dedication requirement.