Request Building Records (Microfilm)

Are you buying or renovating a property? The City keeps records of all permits and plans on any property, so that buyers and owners may be informed of a building's full history. 


Select a Viewing Option

You have three different ways to acquire information on this property.  If time is of the essence, we suggest you come in-person in order to clarify your needs and avoid unnecessary printing costs. 

A. You can visit the Building Department in-person via walk-in between the hours of 7:45 AM-3:30 PM (we close from 12:30-1:30 for lunch).  Visit: 444 SW 2nd Ave, 4th floor - Microfilm. You will be charged a search fee (see fees, below). 

B. You can make an appointment to avoid wait time and search fees, because you will be doing the search yourself on our computers.  Please call (305) 416-1140 or email to make an appointment.

C. You can follow the below steps and fill in the online form.  Our staff will do the property search for you. See below for fees and timing.

NOTE: All of the above options incur any desired reproduction (printing) and certification fees. 

Ensure the Building is in the City of Miami

If your property isn’t in city boundaries, we won’t be able to provide you with the building's records. Click below to do a property search.

TIP: If your property is in the City of Miami, the folio # that appears will start with "01" (e.g. Folio # 01-4137-038-0020). If not, you need to inquire with the appropriate municipality. 

Search Your Property

Gather Your Information.

We will need some basic information about the property you are searching in order to give you the correct records:

  • Address
  • Folio # (you can find this on your property deed or from the above search)

Review the Fees.

Searching and printing building records is not free. It’s important to understand the fees for each request. We advise you to ask for only what you need to avoid unnecessary charges.

Fee schedule for searches. All search fees are nonrefundable: 

  • $44.00 complete permit history search fee includes tax card, all physical permits (B, E, P, and MA) & original plans (site, floor plan and elevations only). Open permits (iBuild 3/12/2012 to present, & BZ 1993 to 2013).
  • $10.00 per individual search such as building, electrical, and plumbing permits. 
  • Additional reproduction and certification fees will apply, depending on the records requested. 

Fee schedule for reproduction (printing) and certification:

  • Full-sized plan pages: $7.50 for the first page, plus $5.00 each additional page.
  • 8x11 copy pages: $0.15 per page copied.
  • $1.00 certification fee per page (if you need your records certified).

NOTE: For records to be considered an official document from The City of Miami, they must be certified. 

Make Your Request.

Complete the request form.

Building Records Request Form

Pay Search Fees

We will process your search request within three days, and send you an invoice for your non-refundable search fees via email which includes a financial transaction ID. You can pay online (see button below), or in-person at the cashier in the 4th floor lobby.

As soon as payment is made, please email our staff ( to confirm.  Please anticipate 20 working days (from time of payment) to complete your request. At this time, we will give you your due date for pickup. 

NOTE: This does not include your reproduction or certification fees.

Pay Here

Pickup Documents

If you'd like to know what your total costs are before you pickup your documents, please contact our staff at least three days before your due date to find out your balance. They can send you an invoice and you can pay online (see above "Pay Here" button). 

You can pickup the documents two ways:

1. Come in-person to the microfilm office at 444 SW 2nd Ave, 4th Floor. You can make your final payment at this time. 
2. You can provide a pre-paid FedEx envelope. Please contact our staff to discuss size, final payment, and timing. 305-416-1140. Your final payment must be made before any documents will be sent. 
NOTE: We are not responsible for any documents that are sent. 

NOTE: Your requested copies must be picked up within 30 days of completion, or they will be destroyed and a new request plus all applicable fees will apply.