Appeal an Interpretation, Determination, or CU

Do you want to appeal a Zoning Administrator's Interpretation, or a Planning Director's Determination, or the issuance of a Certificate of Use? These decisions can be appealed to the Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board.


Obtain the Interpretation, Determination, or Certificate of Use number

If you do not have the number involved, please contact the Planning Department at 305.416.1400 or the Office of Zoning at 305.416.1499.

Has the Final Decision Been Posted? 

An appeal can only be filed when a final decision has been posted on the City's website. You may check for a final decision here

NOTE: If a finalized Planning Director Determination has not been posted and you would like more information, please contact the Planning Department at 305.416.1400.

NOTE: If a Certificate of Use ha snot been issued or a Zoning Interpretation has not been posted and you would like more information, please contact the Office of Zoning at 305.416.1499.

Is the Appeal Period Open?

Once a finalized decision has been posted, an appeal can be filed with the Hearing Boards Division in-person within 15 calendar days of the posting date.

NOTE: If the 15th calendar day appeal period has closed, an appeal of the decision cannot be filed. If the 15th day falls on a weekend or on a City holiday, the last day to appeal will then be extended to the following business day.

Gather Documents

To appeal you will need:

  • Appeal Letter - Your appeal letter must indicate the decision that you are appealing.
  • Proof of Lobbyist Registration- If you are a lobbyist, please provide a copy of your lobbyist registration. If you do not have a copy, or have not yet registered, please contact the Office of the City Clerk at 305.250.5360.
  • Corporate Resolution from Board of Directors (if you are representing an organization)
  • Other pertinent documents- Provide any other pertinent document that you would like to make a part of your appeal, such as Disclosure to Support or Withhold Objection(PDF, 139KB) , Power of Attorney, etc.

Review Fees

If you are filing an appeal as the original applicant of an aggrieved party, you will need to pay:

  • $800.00 appeal fee.

File your Appeal

Appeals must be filed in person with the Hearing Boards Division located at:

444 SW 2nd Avenue, 3rd Floor

Miami, Florida 33130 

TIP: Appeals are accepted Monday - Friday between the hours of 8:00AM and 5:00PM. Appointments are appreciated but are not necessary. Please contact the Division of Hearing Boards at 305.416.2030 if you wish to make an appointment. 

NOTE: After filing your appeal, you will immediately be given an invoice. 

Pay Your Invoice

Your invoice must be paid in full prior to the acceptance of your appeal. Invoices can be paid online here utilizing the "Transaction ID" # from your invoice (select payments, dropdown menu "Financial Transaction ID").

You can also pay at the Cashier's Office located at:

444 SW 2nd Avenue, 4th Floor

Miami, Florida 33130

TIP: The Cashier's Office is open Monday - Friday between the hours of 8:00AM and 4:30PM.

IMPORTANT: It is best to pay your invoice while still on-site (after filing your appeal), so you may deliver the receipt back to the Division of Hearing Boards immediately.  Your appeal will not be filed until you have delivered your paid invoice receipt. Appeal fees are non-refundable.

Await Response

Assuming all of your documents are in order and you have paid, you will be notified via email and mail about your hearing date within five (5) working days. 

NOTE: The Importance of Completed Files

Only a complete, timely filed, and paid appeal will be accepted.  This will be time-stamped and initialed by the Division of Hearing Boards in-person. Only withdrawal letters shall be accepted outside of an appeal period. The appeal will be scheduled to be heard at the next timely Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board meeting; a tentative meeting date will be provided by Hearing Boards staff at the time of filing.