Apply for a Temporary Occupancy Permit (TOP) - Construction Related

NOTE: This used to be called a Temporary Use Permit (TUP), but is now referred to as a Temporary Occupancy Permit (TOP).  This page refers to a temporary need for trailers, fences, loading areas, or parking for construction employees. There must already be an existing building permit associated with this application.  This permit is good for two years.

The Temporary Use Permit (TUP - Zoning) is actually a "Temporary Use on Vacant Land".  This applies to activating vacant properties for temporary uses such as structures, tents, kiosks, temporary exhibition areas, and other similar uses which deal in the areas of food, arts, vocation, culture, and entertainment.


Step 1.Gather Your Information 

You will be asked for the below items on your application:

  • Applicant's name, complete address, phone, and email, email address, address of the construction site, description of use, and date(s).
  • Zoning District (you can find this by doing a search here - hit search, then zoning). NOTE: if your property does not come up, you are not in the City of Miami.   
  • Two sets of site plans each measuring 11” x 17” mechanically drawn to ¼” scale with the name of the construction company, address of the work site and date(s) printed on all plan pages. 
  • Proof of ownership or authorized agent must be provided with the Hold Harmless Affidavit (see document below), this could be a copy of your Sunbiz or a notarized letter from the owner.

NOTESite Plans must show the dimensions of the lot, they must specify the entrances and exits including the dimension (measurements) of the gate, they must show the location of portable toilets, and identify the names/street address of all surrounding streets.  If the request is for the placement of a trailer, site plan must specify if the trailer will have stairs or ramps as well as the measurements of the trailer

NOTE: If the property is City owned, the applicant must print and attach to the application the property search results (see above) to show that the property is owned by the City. (Notarization required for indemnification page only).

Step 2.Review Fees

The fee for a TUP is $503.50 if submitted 30 days before the anticipated start date, and double fee if submitted with less than 30 days to process.  Please be advised that this is not an expediting fee, this is a late submittal penalty fee.

Step 3.Complete, Sign & Notarize Application

NOTE: This application + the "Indemnification/Hold Harmless Affidavit" must be printed, signed and notarized, and therefore cannot be done online. 

  • Complete the application and fill in all forms before signing & getting your application notarized.

Print TUP Application(PDF, 356KB)

TIP: Page two of the application should be signed and notarized by the applicant, and page seven should be signed and notarized by the property owner or registered agent (if they differ).

Tip: Fire Department questionnaire must be fully answered.

TIP: Make sure an active building permit number is provided at the time of submittal. This must coincide with the address provided in the TUP application.  If the address does not match the building permit number, then a use agreement between the property/land owner and the construction company must be provided at time of submittal.

Step 4.Email Application to Zoning Department

  • Scan and email your application as well as all of the above documents to  

Step 5.Await Response

This process is currently changing in light of COVID-19, please bear with us and await a response from the Office of Zoning with further directions.