Get Your Base Building Line Marked

Are you applying for a building permit and need the base building line marked on your survey? The City establishes base building lines to create sufficient space for traffic, lighting, safe transportation and emergencies.


Make Sure Your Survey Meets Requirements.

  • Make sure your survey is prepared by a licensed Professional Surveyor and Mapper.
  • Survey must have original signature and raised seal by the Surveyor.
  • Reproductions are not accepted.
  • Drawing must be legible and to scale.
  • The center line of the road must be shown and clearly labeled.
  • The dimensions from the center line to the existing and zoned right-of-way line of the road must be shown.

Submit Your Survey.

Bring your survey to the Public Works Department:

Miami Riverside Center
444 SW 2 Avenue, Survey Section (7th floor) or Development and Roadway Plans Section (8th floor).
Miami, FL 33130

  • At that time, Public Works will review your survey to see if it meets the requirements. If the Survey does not meet the requirements, a Public Works staff member will explain what requirements need to be met before the base building line can be marked.
  • Usually, Public Works will mark the base building line on your survey while you wait. Wait time will depend on your place in line.  Sometimes the Survey may have to be dropped off and picked up later on the same day or the next business day.

Return Your Survey.

Pick up your survey from Public Works and you can now submit it to the City department that requested the base building line marked.