GIS Portal & Tools

The City's GIS Portal offers a variety of maps and tools that benefit citizens and businesses. Examples include the zoning tool, the City Officials map, Capital Improvement Projects, the Assisted Housing Map and more. 

The powerful mapping tool allows you to search addresses and view transect zones, zoning regulations, districts, land use, owner information and more. How to use the Zoning Tool

Look up your elected officials and view a map of the commissioner districts. 

Searches government services such as police stations, fire station, and NET offices by address. 

This web application is a digital/electronic representation of the City of Miami's Capital Improvements and Transportation Program (CITP). The Application also provides information and data layers such as Commission Districts, neighborhood boundaries, and environmental information.

Allows users to view streets by jurisdiction such as Municipal, County, State, Private, etc. 

View Assisted Rental Housing in the City of Miami.