Resource Page for Digital Signatures

1. Digital Signatures: Sign and Seal Documents & Drawings

In the electronic plan review process, it is crucial that a design and/or engineer professional, land surveyor and/or mapper be able to prove their identity and the integrity of documentation that they submit. In the City of Miami, this is done by utilizing PKI based digital signatures for signing and sealing electronically produced plan sets and other documents requirement professional signature.

You can view detailed directions for this here

For a listing of which documents are required to be signed, sealed please refer to the Additional Information section of this resource page. Please note that your professional board may have special requirements for using digital signatures. 

For more information, please see our guides in the table of contents above and follow the links to rules and regulations of your board. 

2. General Information

3. References for Engineers

4. References for Surveyors & Mappers

5. References for Architects

6. Recommended Certificate Authorities

Digital certificates used to digitally sign, and seal documents submitted must be of a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) assurance level of three or higher. Below is the list of certificate authorities that are recognized by the City of Miami. 


55 Hawthorne Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94105


  • IdenTrust (Prepare Digitally Sign PDF)
  • IdenTrust (Electronic versus Digital Signing)
  • IdenTrust (How to Renew a Digital Certificate)

Global Sign:

Two International Drive, Suite 105
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801
(877) 775-4562

Global Sign (Trusted Digital Signatures for Documents)