Change or Add an Address to a Property

Did you attempt to apply for a CU or Building Permit and were unable to locate your exact address or are you adding a unit, floor, or suite to an existing address? This process will walk you through the necessary steps to change an address with The City's records. 

NOTE: If you are applying for an Accessory of Use (i.e. running a business from your home), you may need to go through this process to add an apartment or condo unit to your application. 


Identify Address Type + Review Fees

The following change of address requests cost $100 per address:

  • New Primary (Legal) Address: i.e. new construction, vacant land.
  • Alternate Address (Residential + Commercial): i.e. converting a single-family home to a duplex, mixed-use development, ground-floor commercial/business facing the right-of-way.
  • You aren't changing an address but are seeking a letter verifying that a new address occupies the same space as the previous address (for DERM/Water & Sewer - you will be able to check that box on the application). 

The following change of address types are $50:

  • Condo Units: Residential+ Commercial use. 
  • Office Suites: Commercial Only.
  • Apartment Units: Residential Only. 

Collect Documents

All Address types need the following:

  • Folio number (you can find this through a property search) or Warranty Deed (if County/property search does not reflect the unit number) specifying the Parcel ID number. 

All address types, other than Condos, also need the following, which you can get from our microfilm department:

  • City of Miami most recent Certified Floor Plan*/Site Plan
  • Building Permit Number / Certificate of completion.

*Please highlight the occupied area on Certified floor plan* 

Submit Application + Documents

Complete the below application and submit it with your required documents to The Office of Zoning: 444 SW 2nd Ave, 2nd Floor.

NOTE: Please be sure to complete all questions, especially your contact info, in order to avoid a delay with your application. 

Change of Address Application(PDF, 227KB)

NOTE: Some addresses/folios are considered 'exempt' or 'confidential' (Pursuant to section 119.071, Florida statutes), and will not show up in the City's property search.  We will inform you if this is the case, and you'll need to contact Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser. FYI: The confidentiality exemption removal process can take 5-15 business days. 

Pay Fees

Upon submission of your application and documents, you will be emailed an invoice (within 2-3 days) if you owe a fee. You can pay online or visit our cashier on the fourth floor. 

Await Response

  • If it's a New Address or Alternate Address, you will receive an official "Change of Address" Letter from the Office of Zoning. You will be notified when this is ready to be picked up. (Usually within 2-3 weeks). 
  • For all other address types, you will be emailed when the change of address has been approved (usually within 2-3 days).