Upcoming Hearings - Unsafe Structures

View the list of upcoming hearings for the unsafe structures division. These properties have a violation that hasn't been addressed with The City.  If you would like to speak on behalf of one of these properties, please Register to Speak at an Unsafe Structure Hearing.  If you have any questions, please email unsafestructures@miamigov.com.

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View Hearing Addresses, below. 

If you own AND reside in a property that does not have homestead exemption, please fill out an owner-occupied affidavit(PDF, 105KB) and submit any of the following documents proving residence:

  • Driver’s license or governmental ID
  • Utility bill
  • Voter registration card

          Please send the completed and notarized affidavit along with all supporting documentation to unsafehearingrequest@miamigov.com

Please note: This page is updated by 5 pm on the last day of every month to show the following month's scheduled hearing dates and properties.  For future cancelled hearing dates, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

The subject properties below have been cited for violations of the building code and are subject to demolition.  All hearings will be held at City Hall located at 3500 Pan American Dr. at 9 am on their respective dates.


6/2/23 Hearing Addresses

Extension of Time Hearing 


 6/9/23 Hearing Addresses 

       Breach of Order Hearing                       


6/16/23 Hearing Addresses  


6/23/23 Hearing Addresses

40 NW 59 ST

Case BB2022002189 & BB2017021223

Interested Parties: Javier Gomez,

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, and

AJX Mortgage Trust 1



Case BB2018010330

Interested Parties: Ray Cantillo & W/Heide,

Waterfall Asset Management LLC, R/A; Corporation Service Co,

AFRC Realty Corp R/A: Paul J Lane,

Wilmington Savings Fund SOC FSB C/O Waterfall Asset Management,

AFRC Office of the City Attorney


125 SW 25 RD

Case BB2021003374

Interested Parties: Jose Francisco Sanchez,

CT Corporation System, United Wholesale Mortgage LLC,

Mers As Nominee for United Wholesale Mortgage


 175 NE 45 ST

Cases BB2019019721 & BB2021020968

Interested Parties: Serge Casimir


 180 NE 82 TER

Case BB2015019891

Interested Parties: Ernesto Seda


 241 NW 17 ST

Cases BB2021008564 & BB2022000177

Interested Parties: 241 NW 17 ST LLC, Patricia Henrys,

Jeffrey Krieger, Krieger Consulting LLC,

Corporation Serv Co, Regions Bank,

Republic Nat'l Bank of Miami N/K/A


 244 SW 17 CT

Case BB2021020843

Interested Parties: Rigoberto Samper & W/Nery,

Leaderage Corp,

and RQ Buildings LLC


265 NW 53 ST

Case BB2021003270

Interested Parties: Valerie Hodge & Jean Jessoline,

Federal Home Loan MRTG as TTEE for the BT of Freddie M C/O Select Portfolio Ser,

Green Corridor Property Assessment Clean Energy (Pace) District;

Ygrene Energy, Corp Serv Co, Select Portfolio Servicing Inc


 310 SW 16 AV

Case BB2021018778

Interested Parties: Juan M Arceo & W/Rosa,

& Carmen Castillo


 420 NW 44 AV

Case BB2021019977

Interested Parties: Frank Acosta, Arisleyda Valentin,

Mers as Nominee for Caliber Home Loans, Inc



Cases BB2013001123 & BB2019022722

Interested Parties: Arena Properties LLC and Ronen Bazak, 


 600 NW 25 CT

Case BB2020015520

Interested Parties: 600 NW 25th Court Corp and William George Karelas


 615 NW 1 ST

Case BB2009026438

Interested Parties: Patricia Colorado Sangabriel


 901 NW 29 AV

Case BB2019007500

Interested Parties: Raymundo J Cuervo, Ravi Gogna,

Deutsche Bank Nat'l Trust Co as TTEE for Argent Securities Inc Asset-Backed Pass


 915 SW 7 AV

Cases BB2013011495 & BB2021021008

Interested Parties: 915 Sunnyside LLC and Guido & Gladys Aguilera Rem


 951 NW 37 AV

Case BB2016020607

Interested Parties: Pedro G Medeiro, CT Corporation System  JPMorgan Chase Bank NA

United States Federal Credit Union Act


 1016 NW 43 ST

Case BB2021026095

Interested Parties: Kingston Properties 11 LLC,

Candice Hicks, Donovan Daley, Corp Serv Co,

Kiavi Funding Inc


 1151 NW 6 ST

Cases BB2012021495 & BB2015007360

Interested Parties: 1151 NW 6 ST LLC,

GRG Management LLC, CT Corp System,

First Nat'l Bank of S Miami N/K/A First Miami Bancorp Inc


1333 NW 6 ST

Case BB2019010747

Interested Parties: 1333 NW 6th Street LLC,

Ann-Marie Modric, Hegel Laurent ESQ


 1399 NW 28 ST

Case BB2020004997

Interested Parties: Marilyn Fernandez & Casiano Fernandez Et Al and

Adela A Bartels


 1520 SW 13 ST

Case BB2018007074

Interested Parties: Fillo 1520 LLC &

Registered Agents of Florida LLC


 1801 NE 4 AV

Case BB2022002846

Interested Parties: Arthur Porosoff,

Ivette Terrace Condo  Association, Roberto Hernandez,

Paulina Todorova, Alcibiades Rojas,

Maria Elena Acevedo, Sandra Ubillus


 1801 NE 4 AV 504

Case BB2014018659

Interested Parties: Ace Real Estate Ventures II LLC,

Manny Vadillo Esq, Arthur Porosoff,

Ivette Terrace Condo


 1852 NW 19 ST

Case BB2017011258

Interested Parties: Pedro Luis Gonzalez


 2003 N MIAMI AV

Cases BB2011023045, BB2012003897, & BB2016006167

Interested Parties: Kush Property LLC,

Joseph M Jackson CPA, Sheldon T Anderson,

Grove Bank & Trust


 2283 SW 21 TER

Case BB2017010957

Interested Parties: Adrian R Melchor & W/ Alina,

CT Corporation System, MTG Electronic Registration Systems,

Morgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc.,

its Successors & Assigns


 2464 SW 12 ST

Case BB2017016816

Interested Parties: Didia Reyes, CT Corp System,

Firstkey Mortgage LLC


 2471 SW 19 TER

Case BB2021023963

Interested Parties: Ymar Holdings LLC,

Caridad VIllar, Carlos De Cespedes Esq,

Jennifer Penton, Mathon Investments Corp.


2510 SW 24 ST

Case BB2019013796

Interested Parties: 2510 24 LLC &

Juliana Lamardo


 2511 NW 35 ST

Case BB2012022150

Interested Parties: Seventh Day Adventist, Michael Owuso,

SE Conf Assoc of 7th Day Advent Inc.

Southeastern Conference Association of Seventh Day Adventists Inc.,

Seventh Day Adventist



Case BB2018002338

Interested Parties: EWG Investment Group &

Evelio Garcia, 



Case BB2018002335

Interested Parties: EWG Invest Grp Inc

and Evelio Garcia 


 2746 NW 16 ST

Case BB2021006329

Interested Parties: School World Vacation LLC

and Hugo Tax Pro


 2810 SW 2 ST

Case BB2018004738

Interested Parties: Bespoke Realty LLC TRS,

Investments Land Trust & Moshe Hankin


 2936 SW 37 CT

Case BB2021015041

Interested Parties: Malibu Hotel Inc C/O

Rapaport & Triay,

& Registered Corp Services LLC, 


 3120 SW 8 ST

Cases BB2019019571 & BB2022002514

Interested Parties: 3120 SW LLC,

Yaneicy Gonzalez Rojas,

Vivian Zubimendi Rem, Barbara Pardo LE,

Cristina C Pardo LE


 3125 SW 22 TER

Case BB2017020300

Interested Parties: Ianca 2 LLC,

Carlos H Escobar,

Linda Mery Graciany



Case BB2017016681

Interested Parties: Tropical Apartments LLC,

Ignacio Sotolongo 


 3500 NW 25 AV

Case BB2012022555

Interested Parties: Seventh-Day Adventist,

Pierre Francois,

SE Conf Assn of 7th Day Advent Inc.


 3550 SW 37 AV

Case BB2021017853

Interested Parties: Mitchell Bartlett,

Vernon Bartlett, Andrew Holland


 3927 SW 37 AV

Case BB2020009063

Interested Parties: Michel Hirschberg and

Michel Hirschberg Trust,

CT Corp System, Quicken Loans LLC

NKA Rocket Mortgage LLC,

Mers as Nominee for Quicken Loans LLC


 4774 SW 6 ST

Case BB2021010960

Interested Parties: Christopher Camacho,

Katarina Gonzales,

Firstbank Puerto Rico DBA Firstbank Florida,

Maria Cristina Corpus


 6400 NW 3 ST

Case BB2021011843

Interested Parties: Luis Estopinan & W/Amarilis,

CT Corp System, Bank of America NA


Cancelled 2023 Hearing Dates: February 17th, April 7th, June 30th, all of August, September 29th, November 10th & 24th, as well as December 15th and 29th

Hearings will not be held on the following dates due to National Holidays: November 10th & 24th