Track the Status of a Permit Application

Did you recently apply for a permit and would like to see the status of your application? The City of Miami's new online system allows you to see notes and updates from departments as they review your application.  


NOTE: This process only applies to permits that were applied for online. If you applied in-person, you will not see status updates online.

Go to ePlan

  • You'll need an ePlan account to check on your applications, which would have been created when you applied.  (If not, you'll have to visit whatever department you applied with in-person).
  • Once in ePlan, select "manage my existing projects".  This will pull up your applications. Select the one you want to review, and click on “Project Reports.” There are five primary reports that we recommend a customer review:
  • ProjectFlow-Changemarks
  • ProjectFlow-Checklist
  • ProjectFlow-Workflow Routing Slip
  • ProjectFlow-Review Details Report
  • ProjectFlow-Department Review Status. 

Log into ePlan