Apply for UDRB Approval

Are you applying for a permit and have been told you need approval from the Urban Design Review Board? The City of Miami approves or denies projects based on the urban quality, compatibility and contribution to the architectural and social fabric of the City.

NOTE: You must already have a permit application submitted before you can complete this process.  You will be informed if you need UDRB review. 



Review Requirements and Submission Dates

You can view requirements for UDRB submission on the UDRB page.  The UDRB meets the third Wednesday of every Month (except August) at 2:00pm at the City Hall Chambers, 3500 Pan American Drive, Coconut Grove. Meeting times may vary based on agenda requirements. 

You will need ample time to plan around these dates. Submittals to upcoming UDRB meetings are due by 4:00 pm the first Wednesday of every month, except August (no meeting).

Meet with The City's UDRB Consultant

We recommend consulting with the Urban Design Section of the Planning and Zoning Department if you need information and/or guidance related to a UDRB submittal.
Please contact Joseph Eisenberg, UDRB Liaison, at 305-416-1409 or via email at to schedule a meeting.

Complete Application

NOTE: You will need to print this form once it's completed, be sure to view the checklist.

UDRB Application Form

UDRB Checklist

Await Response

You will see notes and/or approval about your application in your ePlan account (where you applied for your permit) within three to five days. The signed application will show up in 'documents'. 

You will also receive a phone call or email from the UDRB consultant advising you of your meeting time and the documents you need. 

Collect Documents for UDRB Meeting

The applicant shall submit 11 complete sets (one of them signed and sealed), and one electronic copy (CD or flash drive) of all plans, renderings, photographs and other supporting materials deemed necessary within this application to show appropriately all aspects of the proposal subject to be reviewed by the Urban Development Review Board. (See Application Form and Check List)

Pay Fees

You'll receive an invoice for $150 from the planning department and must show proof of payment at or before your UDRB Meeting (email receipt JOSEPH).

Pay Here

Attend Meeting

The project architect or designee shall be present at the time of the meeting and prepared to respond to  technical questions regarding the project being submitted. The UDRB Liaison and other staff from the Planning & Zoning Department will review submittals.

NOTE: The Planning and Zoning Department reserves the right not to place items on the UDRB agenda if an application is found to be incomplete or if sufficient progress towards addressing provided comments has not been achieved. Please refer to the following minimum requirements and documentation that shall accompany applications.