Get a Film Permit

Do you want to film a movie, tv show, music video and/or stage a commercial photo shoot in The City of Miami? If so, you need to apply for a film permit for each date and specific location that you plan to shoot at.


Determine Location

This permit only covers filming/shooting in The City of Miami (not Miami Beach, Coral Gables, etc.).  Please use our mapping tool to ensure your desired location resides in The City. 

  • Search address on map
  • If the location is in the highlighted area (outlined by different colored District numbers), you're in The City of Miami.
  • If not, you should visit for anything outside of our jurisdiction.  
  • If you're interested in filming in one of our parks, you can view our Park Directory.

Collect Documents

Once you have determined that your shooting site is within the City of Miami limits you may apply for your City of Miami Film Permit.  Complete the below agreement (digitally, or print, then scan) which you will upload in the application process. 


You will not need proof of insurance for the application process, but you will need it in the proceeding steps. We recommend you begin planning for this. Below, please find an example of how your insurance certificate needs to be formatted.

City-of-Miami-COI-SAMPLE-1.pdf(PDF, 122KB)

Apply for Permit

Application Form

Respond to Notes from The City

  • Once you submit your application, The City will create a file in ProjectDox and invite you into the project via email. If you've never used ePlan/ProjectDox, you'll have to create an account. All communication will now take place in this portal. View ProjectDox User Guide.
  • You will receive further instructions regarding Police, Parking, Parks, and more in the ProjectDox "comments" folder.  You need to address/respond to these comments. 
  • Any additional documents should be uploaded directly into ePlan/ProjectDox.

Pay Invoice

You will receive an invoice from any departments that are needed including police, fire, parks, etc. You must pay your invoice before your permit will be issued.

Pay Invoice

Await Approval

Once all departments have approved and your invoice is paid, you will receive an "all approved documents" with a batch stamp via email.