Statement from Miami City Manager Arthur Noriega - 06.16.20

Published on June 16, 2020

COVID-19 Updates

Following is a statement from Miami City Manager Arthur Noriega regarding the ongoing efforts of the Miami Police Department.

“The City of Miami Police Department has provided exemplary local law enforcement service to all Miamians during this very challenging period for our city. From safeguarding our community during a prolonged and unprecedented shutdown, to ensuring peaceful protests that respect the rights of all involved, Miami PD is showing what excellent police work looks like. It does so even as our rank-and-file officers face the very real risk of exposure to COVID-19 on a daily basis.  

This first-rate work doesn’t happen on its own – it comes from ongoing training and from smart, even-handed leadership at the top. Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina and his entire command staff are to be commended for continuing to set the right tone for Miami PD and for leading our rank-and-file officers forward during uncertain times. I sincerely thank all of our public safety professionals for everything that they have done – and continue to do – to keep our community safe.”