Seawall Elevation Ordinance Revisions

Published on February 19, 2020


Members of Miami’s Department of Resilience and Public Works have begun outreach to various local stakeholders to discuss plans for significantly updating the city’s seawall elevation ordinances. With plans to establish a new minimum elevation for all seawalls, natural shorelines, bulkheads and other waterfront protection devices at 6.0-ft NAVD (88), the City is engaging as many affected stakeholders as possible before taking their recommendations to the City Commission.

Members of the Miami River Commission and the Builders Association of South Florida have already provided positive feedback, with many more groups to be consulted in the coming months. It is the City’s goal to gain as much support as possible for the updates and to have their recommended code changes presented to the City Commission this spring, with a first reading of the new code tentatively planned for early this summer.