Pilot Program use Ecofriendly Cargo Bikes for Deliveries in Downtown

Published on May 14, 2020

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In an effort spearheaded by City of Miami Commissioner and Chair of the Downtown Development Authority Manolo Reyes, the City of Miami will begin a pilot program using four new low-power electric-assist e-Cargo Cycles for deliveries across Miami. The City of Miami Commission unanimously approved the initiative today during a virtual City Commission meeting.

“I am proud to bring this eco-friendly program to our City of Miami, to reduce traffic, noise and pollution in our downtown,” said Commissioner Reyes.  “This will have an important impact in improving the quality of life of our residents and business owners in downtown Miami.”

The program is product of a partnership between the City of Miami, DHL Express the world’s leading provider of international express shipping services, and REEF Technology, the largest operator of parking, mobility, and logistics hubs in North America.

The two companies are bringing the environmentally friendly e-Cargo Cycles to Miami as part of the DHL GoGreen strategy to reduce its carbon footprint. DHL’s short-term goal is to implement clean pickup and delivery solutions for 70% of its operations by 2025. Each e-Cargo Cycle deployed enables DHL to take one conventional delivery van off the road, reducing road traffic, noise and pollution while still providing fast efficient deliveries for customers. 

DHL is already using cargo bikes in several European cities and is participating in a pilot program in New York City to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce carbon emissions. The program is expected reduction of 101,000 kg of C02e annually. DHL couriers will receive comprehensive training to operate the e-Cargo Cycles on the street to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local traffic regulations.

Pilot Program to use Ecofriendly Cargo Bikes for Deliveries in Downtown Miami