New Online Tools to Improve Procurement Process, Engage Local Business

Published on May 07, 2020

COVID-19 Updates

This week, the City of Miami Department of Procurement rolled out two new online platforms – BidSync and GovQuote – to improve the public procurement process by more easily connecting local businesses with business opportunities with the City of Miami. Together, the two third-party platforms will expand bid pools for City business, allow for electronic submission of many bids and proposals and increase opportunities for local and small businesses to engage in business with the City. The launch of the two new platforms comes on the heels of the unveiling of a new City of Miami Amazon Business platform and at a time when the City is working hard to reactivate the local economy in light of COVID-19.  

“These new platforms are another way that we are using technology to make it easier for businesses in our community to seek out business opportunities with the City of Miami,” said Procurement Director Annie Perez, CPPO. “Now more than ever, we need to give our local businesses as many avenues as possible to find worthwhile work opportunities.”  

The City has been working with both BidSync and GovQuote for several months to implement the platforms but moved their launch date up to assist in local economic recovery efforts. The introduction of the BidSync platform will help the City to expand its pool of vendors and bring additional opportunities to local businesses. It also allows businesses to submit their bids and proposals electronically, increasing efficiency and ease of use, while also ensuring social distancing. The City’s new partnership with GovQuote will support local and small businesses bidding on informal City procurements valued at less than $25,000. Notably, Procurement has been working with the platform to develop the ability in the near future for local businesses to be given the first opportunity to respond to quote requests on the GovQuote platform.  

Along with the City’s newly unveiled Amazon Business purchasing platform, today’s launch of BidSync and GovQuote represents the latest technology-driven effort by the City of Miami and its Department of Procurement to get local businesses up and running again. In order to familiarize local and small businesses with these new platforms, the City will be hosting a series of vendor training webinars for all three new platforms in early May. Interested local businesses can e-mail their contact information to the following address and Procurement will put them on the invitation list for the webinars: