King Tides Season 2020

Published on September 16, 2020

Measuring King Tide

The 2020 King Tide season is here and is expected to be less intense than in previous years. Additionally, the City has installed 86 tidal backflow prevention valves in coastal Miami neighborhoods to reduce impacts in the most vulnerable areas. Based on a tidal threshold of 0.75 ft NAVD (North American Vertical Datum), the expected the 2020 King Tide windows are as follows:  

  • September 17- September 20 
  • October 15 – October 20 
  • November 14 – November 17 

Residents are encouraged to keep the following King Tide safety tips in mind in the coming months:  

  • Do not enter floodwater and do not allow children to play in floodwater
  • Do not drive through floodwater as it may be deeper than it appears, and unseen debris could cause flat tires 
  • Do not park your vehicle in low-lying areas 
  • Report King Tides in your neighborhood by using the 311 app 
  • King Tide tidal flooding can be observed 1.5-2 hours before and after peak time 

Watch the video below for more information!


Click here for King Tide Safety Tips(JPG, 3MB)