Hurricane Season Preparation 2021

Published on June 01, 2021


Hurricane Season begins June 1 and runs through November 30. The City of Miami strongly encourages all residents and businesses to review their hurricane plans, check their disaster kits and pay close attention to weather reports throughout the season. 

Residents are urged to take the following steps to prepare:

  • Make sure that emergency equipment, such as hurricane shutters and battery-powered radios, are in good working order;
  • Ensure that sufficient emergency supplies (e.g., non-perishable food and water) are on hand for each person in the home to last for at least three days;
  • Obtain and store materials necessary to properly secure your home;
  • Secure yard and construction debris so they do not pose a hazard during a storm;
  • Trim the trees on your property at the beginning of hurricane season, rather than when a storm impact is imminent;
  • Find out if you live in an evacuation zone; and
  • If you live in a surge planning zone, determine in advance where you will stay, how you will get there, and what supplies you will take if you are ordered to evacuate. 

In preparation for this hurricane season, the City of Miami is taking – and has taken –  the following steps, among others: 

  • In late May, City first responders and administrators participated in the annual citywide Emergency Operations Center Hurricane Exercise, led by the Division of Emergency Management;
  • Tree trimming is happening at different locations as part of our broader hurricane season preparedness measures;
  • Although the City of Miami does not have jurisdiction over the inspection of construction equipment, including tower cranes, the Building Department will inspect construction sites if a storm is threatening to ensure that any construction materials or structures are properly secured;

Please visit the City of Miami’s Hurricane Guide for more information on hurricane season and how you can prepare before, during and after a storm: 


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