Commissioner Watson Unveils Luther Campbell Field Sign

Published on October 15, 2021


On Tuesday, October 12, District 5 City Commissioner Jeffrey Watson and Mayor Francis Suarez unveiled the Luther Campbell Field Sign at Charles Hadley Park. The new signage honors Miamian Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell, who founded the Liberty City Optimist Club  at the park in 1994 and has remained integral to the youth football program since then.

The honor is especially meaningful for Campbell, as he grew up playing on the field that now bears his name. The field continues to be the home of the Liberty City Optimist Club program.

"It is always people like Luke (Campbell) that can give facilities like this, an opportunity for our kids to be better than they are because that's what they need," said Commissioner Watson. "They need to know it's just not the hope that it might happen, but the hope that it will happen. This is a welcome opportunity for me to say thank you for what you've done for the kid's past and for what you will do looking up for the kids in the future."

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