City of Miami Passes New Anti-Pollution Rules for Construction Sites

Published on October 22, 2020

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(Miami, FL - October 22, 2020) - Today, the City Commission unanimously passed legislation that will strengthen the City’s ability to hold contractors accountable for any pollution they produce that impacts the City’s waterways. 
The new rules, proposed by Vice Chairman Ken Russell, would impose fines, stop work orders and other measures for construction sites that ignore the city’s anti-pollution rules. 
Several recent incidents of pollution producing massive fish kills and die-off of sea grass prompted the Commission to take action to protect Biscayne Bay and other waterways.
“The fish die-off this summer was a huge wake up call for this community,” said Vice Chairman Ken Russell. “There is no one source of pollution – it comes from many human activities. But we have to get serious about tackling and eliminating any sources getting into the water. Biscayne Bay is the lifeblood of our economy and quality of life. We cannot let hurting the bay be just a cost of doing business.” 
Previously, the Miami City Commission approved environmental legislation proposed by Vice Chairman Russell including:

•     Banning the use of certain herbicides on city property
•     Banning fertilizer use throughout the City during the rainy season
•     Banning Styrofoam containers in City parks
•     Investing in additional water quality testing


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