City Workshops Engage Outside Experts on Miami Forever Bond

Published on September 12, 2019

Miami Forever Bond logo .png

(Miami, FL September 12, 2019) - The City of Miami Office of Capital Improvements (OCI) hosted local industry and academic experts yesterday at a workshop to further refine project selection criteria for future phases of the Miami Forever Bond. The $400-million bond, which was approved by City voters in 2017, aims to build a stronger, more resilient future for Miami. The 33 projects under Phase 1 are well under way with seven projects in planning, fifteen in design, seven in bidding and four in construction. OCI officials are now planning for the next phases of the multiyear program and are engaging outside experts to ensure the project selection criteria are well defined to meet the Miami Forever Bond’s goals. 
“The initial phase of the Miami Forever Bond implementation was designed to make an immediate impact and set conditions for future efforts, and it is succeeding on that front,” said OCI Director Steven Williamson. “Our team is hard at work now on refining the process for how we choose upcoming projects in a strategic, data-driven manner. The input we gathered from outside experts at yesterday’s workshop is invaluable to fine-tuning the selection criteria.”
The workshop, which was held at the local offices of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), brought local academics and industry experts together with their City counterparts for two in-depth breakout sessions. Participants represented industries including engineering, finance, architecture, banking and insurance. During the sessions, they provided input on creating concrete project selection criteria that align with the bond program’s five guiding themes: safety, quality of life, equity, economic return and modernization. In turn, those criteria will ultimately help the City select timely, resilience-focused projects in each of its five categories: sea level rise and flood prevention, affordable housing, parks and cultural facilities, roadways and public safety.
For more information about the Miami Forever Bond, please click here.