City Upgrades Penalties for Not Wearing Facial Coverings in Public

Published on July 22, 2020

COVID-19 Updates

The City of Miami has issued upgraded penalties for individuals who fail to wear a facial covering while in public, as the daily number of new COVID-19 cases in Miami-Dade County remains at a high level. Notably, fines are increasing and individuals who are stopped for the first time for not wearing a facial covering in public will no longer receive a courtesy warning from the City.

The new penalty schedule for failure to wear a facial covering in public within City of Miami limits is as follows:

  • First Offense: $100 fine
  • Second Offense: $100 fine
  • Third Offense: Arrest/Notice to Appear

Per a citywide emergency order issued last month, facial coverings must be worn in public at all times and until further notice, with limited and specific exceptions as follows:

  • A child under two years of age;
  • An individual who is engaged in outdoor work or exercising with appropriate social distancing in place;
  • An individual who has one or more medical conditions or disabilities that prevent wearing a facial covering;
  • An individual who is obtaining a service involving the nose or face for which temporary removal of the facial covering is necessary to perform the service;
  • An individual who works in a profession where use of a facial covering will not be compatible with the duties of the profession;
  • An individual who is eating or drinking; and
  • An individual who is hearing-impaired or an individual who is communicating with an individual who is hearing-impaired.