City Requests Additional County Funds to Support Front Line Workers

Published on August 04, 2020

COVID-19 Updates

Miami City Manager Art Noriega has formally submitted a request that Miami-Dade County provide the City with additional federal CARES Act funds to remunerate front line personnel for their tremendous efforts throughout the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Although the County Commission last week approved a one percent hazardous duty pay supplement for police officers and firefighters countywide, the City is calling on County leaders to extend that hazard pay supplement to other front line workers such as sanitation personnel, code enforcement officers, homeless services outreach agents and others. Additionally – and at the request of the County – Noriega submitted a detailed request yesterday itemizing the City’s COVID-19 response expenses that are eligible for federal CARES Act reimbursement, via the County.

"We often think of first responders in terms of our valued public safety personnel, but there are many other public servants who have joined them in putting themselves at great risk day after day during this crisis," said City Manager Noriega. "I believe it's entirely appropriate - and the right thing to do - to recognize these unsung heroes for their hard work and sacrifice during this challenging time." 

Noriega formally requested the additional funds for non-public safety employees working on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis in an August 3 letter to Miami-Dade County Deputy Mayor Edward Marquez. The City is requesting $1.635 million in federal CARES Act funds, routed through Miami-Dade County, to provide the City's full array of front line workers with the same one percent hazardous duty pay supplement being provided to uniformed police and fire personnel.

Additionally, City Manager Noriega sent an itemized list of the City’s COVID-19 response expenses that are eligible for federal CARES Act reimbursement to Miami-Dade County Deputy Mayor Jennifer Moon yesterday, in direct response to the County’s request for a detailed breakdown of municipalities’ COVID-19 expenditures. Noriega’s letter requests $90.763 million in federally funded reimbursements via the County, a total that reflects actual expenditures to date and anticipated response costs through the end of the 2020 calendar year.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, City of Miami workers from an array of non-public safety departments have worked directly with local residents and businesses on a daily basis, despite the challenging conditions. They are staffing COVID-19 testing sites, delivering food to seniors and families in need, handing out protective face masks on the streets of Miami, inspecting businesses to ensure compliance with new health safety rules and keeping streets clean.