City Approves Request to Gov. DeSantis for Retroactive Compensation

Published on April 09, 2020

COVID-19 Updates

The City of Miami Commission today approved an emergency resolution sponsored by City of Miami Commissioner for District 4 Manolo Reyes, asking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and state agencies to retroactively compensate Florida residents who have lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  

“I thank my colleagues on the City of Miami Commission for supporting me in this petition to our governor and for, above all, supporting the residents of the City of Miami during this difficult and unprecedented time,” said Commissioner Reyes.  

The resolution supports the position of the Miami-Dade County Legislative Delegation that the State of Florida and applicable legislative and executive officials take all measures to allow applicants to apply for reemployment benefits retroactive to the date the applicant lost his/her job following the declaration of a State of Emergency by the Florida governor, and further resolving that it supports all reemployment measures recommended by the Miami-Dade delegation in their April 7, 2020 letter to Governor DeSantis.