Street Sweeping

The City of Miami Department of Solid Waste daily street sweeping program covers areas within city limits. To determine the daily street sweeping schedule in your area, please see the map and schedule below, or contact 311. 

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Monday (East Little Havana/Coconut Grove)

SW 8th Street and SW 12th Street from 12th to 14th Avenue
SW 3rd Ave to US1 14th Ave to Metro rail
27th Ave @ Tiger Tail to Virginia
Mc Donald to Booker Street
Grand Ave to US1
Grand Ave to Marlin
Douglas to Main Highway
South Bay shore Drive to the Bay

** Every Last Monday of the Month
Crystal Court
Vista Court
Crystal View

Periodically: From SW 4th Avenue to SW 12th Avenue
From SW 11th Street to Coral Way

Tuesday (Allapattah/Upper East Side/Little Haiti)

NW 12 Avenue to 17th Avenue
NW 46th Street to 54th Street
54th Street to 38th Street
I-95 to Second Avenue
NW 2nd Avenue to Miami Avenue
46th Street to 54th Street
NW 2 Avenue to I-95
54th Street to 59th Street
67th Street to 71st Street
I-95 to 2nd Avenue
NE 4th Court to Biscayne Blvd
54th Street to 62nd Street
Biscayne Blvd to the Bay on
61, 62, 63, 64, and 69 Street
Belle Meade Island

Wednesday (Wynwood/Allapatah)

NW 24th Street to 28th Street
NW 22nd Avenue to 17th Avenue
NW 12th Avenue to 10th Avenue
NW 24th Street to 30th Street
I-95 to 2nd Avenue NW 29th Street to 36th Street
2nd Avenue to North Miami Avenue
NW 26th Street to 36th Street
Bay Pointe Island

Thursday (Upper East Side/Overtown)

NE 55th Terrace to 60th Street
Biscayne Blvd to the Bay (Morningside)
7th Avenue to Miami Avenue
From 20th Street to 14 Street
3rd Avenue to 1st Avenue
NW 14th Street to 5th Street
7th Avenue to 10th Avenue
14th Street to 8th Street Road
11th Street Road to the River
12th Avenue to 10th Avenue
Springs Garden

Friday (Model City/Allapattah)

46th Street to 62nd Street
12th Avenue to 7th Avenue
62nd Street to 54th Street
12th Avenue to 17th Avenue