Real Estate Asset Management (DREAM)

The Department is comprised of two sections – Public Facilities and Asset Management. The Public Facilities Section serves to provide first class facilities and services used to present the community with quality sporting, cultural, and entertainment events. The Asset Management Section serves as a real estate office for the City and manages the leasing of property to and from other parties; categorizes City-owned properties according to its use (i.e. City operations, leased to a third party, vacant); and identifies and negotiates properties for future purchase, sale or lease.  

Department Head

Suzanne Hollander

Suzanne Hollander  - Director – 305-416-1458

Yvonne Hernandez – Assistant to the Director 305-416-1429

Aldo Bustamante – Real Estate Manager – 305-416-1436

Hans Maichel - Real Estate Manager - 305-416-1452

Yuniour Santana - Auditorium Manager - (305) 960-4686


Daniel Muelhaupt – Marinas Manager Assistant

Maria Busto – Marinas Supervisor – 305-329-4755

Patrick Monty – Marinas Supervisor – 305-960-5192

Juan Oporta – Marinas Supervisor - 305-960-5140

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In an effort to develop its services to residents of the City of Miami, the Real Estate Division of the Department of Real Estate and Asset Management occasionally seeks to purchase and sell property located within city boundaries.

Real Estate Opportunities