Planning Department Staff & Contact Information

Name Title Phone Number Email
 Director's Office
Lakisha Hull  Director 305-416-1417        
David Snow  Assistant Director 305-416-1474
Sevanne Steiner  Assistant Director 305-416-1081
Jessica Iturrey Assistant to the Director 305-416-1403
Yvonne Hernandez Administrative Assistant II 305-416-1412
Sarah Page Administrative Assistant I 305-416-1425
Wendy Iglesias Planning Asst/TEMP 305-416-1400
Carmen Triana Clerical Aide NA
Marianela Oves Clerical Aide NA
 Erica Lee Special Projects Coordinator 305-416-2031
 Beatriz Alvarez Legislative Coordinator

 Art In Public Places Division 
Efren Nunez Public Art Manager 305-416-1402
 Comprehensive Planning Division
Sue Trone Chief of Comprehensive Planning 305-416-1445
Ryan Shedd Principal Planner 305-416-1315
Kathryn Angleton Planner II 305-416-1193
Joshua Gloster Planner II 305-416-1095
Jacqueline Ellis Planner II 305-416-2038
VACANT GIS Data Specialist NA NA
Thomas Smoot-Russell Special Projects Coordinator/DRI 305-416-1473
 Hearing Boards Division
Olga Zamora Chief of Hearing Boards 305-416-2037
VACANT Hearing Boards Coordinator


Florence Thelusma Hearing Boards Specialist II 305-416-2036
Meloni Fincher Hearing Boards Specialist II 305-416-2032
Aleksander Sanchez Hearing Boards Specialist I 305-416-1423
Kimberly Kennedy Administrative Asst I 305-416-1462
 Historic and Environmental Preservation Division
Anna Pernas Preservation Officer 305-416-1137
Indra Alam Historic Preservation Planner 305-416-1096
Kenneth Kalmis Historic Preservation Planner 305-416-1551
Adrian Espinosa Historic Preservation Planner 305-416-1418
Gabriel Alviarez Planning Technician 305-416-1433
 Land Development Division
VACANT Chief of Land Development NA NA
Vickie Toranzo Planning Project Manager 305-416-1470
Darren Murphy Planner II 305-416-1428
Zhaokai (Kyle) Liu Planner II 305-416-1405
Samantha Maldonado Planner I 305-416-1408
Mitchell Graham Planner I 305-416-1485
Richard Cody Brown Planner I 305-416-1409
Ricardo Lopez-Aldana Planning Technician 305-416-1601
Melany Lastra Planning Technician 305-416-1424
 Urban Design Division
Graham Jones Chief of Urban Design 305-416-1453
Maria Adeyefa Planner II 305-416-1463
Andrea Sandoval Planner II 305-416-1059
Luiz Lam Park Planner II 305-416-2034
Earlene Lutes-Brown Planning Technician 305-416-1051