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1. Director's Office

Name/Title Phone Number Email Address
Chris Evans, Interim Director 305-416-1300
LaCleveia MorleyAssistant Director
Parks and Recreation Administration

Michael Balletti, Administrative Assistant II

Emily Gonzalez, Administrative Aide I 305-416-1309

Latoya Osborne,Parks Capital Program Administrator


Denisse Medina, Special Projects Coordinator

Rafaella S. Aleixo, Special Projects Coordinator 305-416-1314

2. Administration

Name/Title Phone Number Email Address
Daniel H. Newhoff, Principal Staff Analyst 305-416-1308
Xiao-Wen (Michelle) Choi, Principal Staff Analyst 305-416-1364
Caridad Linares, Fiscal Assistant 305-416-1355
Marcia M. Elliot, Fiscal Assistant 305-416-1269
Bertha Hernandez, Payroll Clerk 305-416-1560
Myles Wedderburn, Administrative Aide I 305-416-1307

3. Aquatics Division

Name/Title Phone Number Email Address
Daniel Lopez, Aquatic Program Planner 305-416-1312
Osvaldo Castillo, Pools Supervisor 786-566-0258
Marcos Fernandez, Senior Ocean Rescue Lifeguard 305-361-5255

4. Recreation Division

Name/Title Phone Number Email Address
Omar Bayona, Superintendent of Recreation 305-416-1311
Kristy Duarte, Administrative Assistant I 305-416-1321
Robert Gonzalez, Parks Recreation Coordinator 305-960-2946
Erich Valerdi, Parks Recreation Coordinator 786-390-4004
Wesley Carroll, Parks Recreation Coordinator 786-447-8623
Gabriel Rojas, Parks Recreation Coordinator 305-960-3009
Virginia M. Bentley, Parks and Recreation Service Coordinator 305-960-2905
Noreen Legault-Mendoza, STEAM Education Coordinator 305-416-1350
Jose Diaz, General Recreation Program Planner 305-416-1372

5. Therapeutic Recreation and Inclusion Division

Name/Title Phone Number Email Address
Nadia Arguelles-Goicoechea, Program Coordinator 305-960-4962

Adine Sadin, Assistant Program Coordinator 305-960-4964

Rafael T. Abreu Jr., Assistant Program Coordinator 305-960-4970

6. Operations Division

Name/Title Phone Number Email Address
Andrew Holmes, Acting Superintendent of Operations 305-960-3012
Yohermo Echeverria, Acting Operations Coordinator 305-960-3002
Jose Rilo, Operations Coordinator 305-960-3010
Hilton Pearce, Operations Coordinator 305-960-3015

Rafael Amato, Assistant Park Ranger Supervisor

Park Ranger Dispatch:



7. Permit Office

Name/Title Phone Number Email Address
Main Line 305-416-1133
Shakima Roberts, Event Specialist 305-416-1305
Patrice Godbolt, Parks & Recreation Service Coordinator 305-416-1310

8. Construction Division

Name/Title Phone Number Email Address
Tom Calautti, Senior Construction Coordinator 305-416-1253
Ricardo Rodriguez, Construction Coordinator 305-416-1273

Thomas Smoot-Russell, Administrative Aide II



9. Natural Areas Division

Name/Title Phone Number Email Address
Gloria Alejandra Antia, Parks Naturalist Senior 305-533-3578
Etienne Hernandez, Parks Naturalist 305-533-3579

Mayra Robles, Parks Naturalist Technician