Hector L. Badia, Assistant Director, Capital Improvements

Hector Badia's Photo

Hector Badia is a hard-working and dedicated member of the City of Miami’s Office of Capital Improvements (OCI) leadership team. He has served as Assistant Director for the department since 2015. During his time with OCI, Badia has delivered over 300 projects effectively, managing a budget of $510 million and a day-to-day workforce of 50.  He ardently maintains and promotes the amenities that elevate life in the City, from Historic Preservation initiatives to Parks and Recreation and Roadways.   

Badia’s career with the city began in 1993, when he became an engineer for the Public Works department.  After eight years, he joined the Parks and Recreation department, and later, for a period of time worked as a project manager for the prestigious engineering and architecture firm C3TS.  But the call for public service was too great to deny, and in 2008, Badia returned to the City with a managerial position, and an upward trajectory that would see him flourish from project manager to assistant director of Capital Improvements.  His experience in various facets of municipal planning, budgeting and community development is extensive and unparalleled. 

Badia graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Tulane University in 1989. He currently resides in Miami Springs with his wife and two daughters.