Morningside Park Waterfront Improvements

Aerial view of Morningside Park - Drone Rendering

Park address: 5215 NE 7 Avenue Miami, FL 33137

Tree Survey Activities at Morningside Park

Please note that the City of Miami Office of Capital Improvements (OCI) is currently conducting a tree survey at Morningside Park. 

What:  Tree Survey Activities at Morningside Park
When:  July 18, 2022 - July 29, 2022
Why:    The Tree Survey is required to provide an accurate estimate on the number and variety of trees currently at the site.  New trees discovered will be tagged and updated in the final tree survey report.
How:    Consultant staff on site to conduct field observations, documenting tree variety, height, condition and photos.

2022 Morningside Improvements Alternative General Plan (current project plan)(PDF, 5MB)

2022 Project Presentation - Presented to City Commission on 2/24/2022: Resulting in the adoption by the City Commission of the Alternative General Plan (above)(PDF, 11MB)


Morningside Park Waterfront Improvements (Shoreline and Baywalk)– Per the March 10, 2022 Commission meeting, it was established that the four elements of the park would be addressed at different timelines. The PowerPoint presentation below addresses the waterfront improvement components of the project (this element was to be addressed first).  The other 3 elements to be addressed in the future are: Neighborhood Drainage (2nd in order), Park’s Drainage and Master Plan (3rd in order) and Aquatic Facilities (4th in order). These three additional elements will be addressed in different times in the future.

The following project gains reflect the Community feedback and considerations made by the design team:  

  • Redesigns focal areas to enhance user experience at the water’s edge.
  • Improves targeted viewing points to enhance bay views and provides ADA access throughout the baywalk and to the water.
  • Maintains five-foot-wide walking path along the shoreline aligned with trees to provide shade and changes the surfacing to a pervious material to improve drainage.
  • Keeps more than forty existing trees that the prior Baywalk layout was removing.
  • Retainment of these existing trees assists with compliance towards the fifty percent immediate shade coverage required by the new Code amendment on Waterfront Design Guidelines.
  • Maintains areas for picnic tables along the shoreline.
  • Enhances the existing living shoreline area and adds complementary Coastal Marsh vegetation that transitions to Upland Coastal Vegetation along the new Baywalk.
  • Improves area for Kayak concession operations.

For additional information, click here(PDF, 14MB)  to view the updated plan and renderings of the waterfront improvements 

Elements of the Morningside Park Improvements:

The City of Miami, Commissioner Ken Russell, the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Office of Capital Improvements (OCI)
proudly announce improvements for the Morningside Park!

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