District 5 Capital Improvements Highlights

Commissioner Christine King


  • 2023 Projects

  40-B203509 Athalie Range Park New Community Center & Future Park Improvements

  40-B223507 Legion Park Flood Mitigation, Baywalk & Floating Dock

  40-B17365 Shorecrest Drainage Improvements

  • 2022 Projects

    40-B213102   Overtown Gateway Signage

  • 2021 Projects

     40-B203604   NE 76 Street Traffic Calming      

     40-B193620   Buena Vista Traffic Calming Improvements Phase I 

  • 2020 Projects

     40-B193513   Moore Park Gymnasium Improvements

      40-B173901   Railroad Crossing (FEC) Opening/Closure Project

      40-B40510     Legion Park Community Building Improvements 

      40-B40510A   Legion Park Seawall and Boat Ramp Reconstruction  

      40-B173515   Hadley Park Synthetic Turf and Park Improvements

      40-B40454A   Spring Garden Point Seawall and Kayak Ramp 

  • 2019 Projects

     40-B75957      Hadley Park Irrigation and Landscaping

     40-B30531       Dorsey Memorial Library

     40-B50699A     Liberty City NW 15 Avenue Corridor Historic Signs