District 3 Capital Improvements Highlights

  • 2022 Projects

     40-B173621  SW 24 Road from SW 7 Avenue to SW 9 Avenue

     40-B173645  NW 6 Street from NW 11 Avenue to NW 12 Avenue

     40-B193601  Coral Nook Circle

     40-B183415  Demolition of Three Buildings for New Public Areas

     40-B193403  Marlins Stadium - Drainage Improvements and Lot Surface Restoration 

  • 2021 Projects

    40-B193517  New Mini Park at 3699/3701 SW 1st Avenue 

  2020 Projects

    40-B173663  SW 5 Avenue Roadway Improvements 

    40-B30501C  Manuel Airtime Cultural Center Office Building 

    40-B173622   SW 23 Street Roadway and Drainage Improvements

    40-B193619    The Roads Traffic Calming

    40-B193514    Coral Way Park Expansion

    40-B40347      Grove Park Roadway Improvements

    40-B193803    Jose Marti Park Adaptive Redesign


  • 2019 Projects

     40-B40347      Grove Park and Water Main Improvements 

     40-B50305      SW 18 Street Roadway and Drainage Improvements

     40-B173630    SW 15 Street Roadway and Drainage Improvements

     40-B173645    NW 6 Street Roadway & Drainage Improvements  

     40-B30637 & 40-B30833      Mary Brickell Village & SW 1 Avenue Roadway & Drainage Improvements