S. Bayshore Ln. & Fairview St. Roadway Improvements & New Pump Station

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Project Phase I - Completed in December 2020!

Phase I of this project included roadway and drainage Improvements on South Bayshore Lane and East/West Fairview Street. The scope of work included the following:

  • Roadway reconstruction
  • Drainage improvements, including a new watermain line replacement (done jointly with the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department) 
  • Damaged sidewalk replacement
  • Repair of driveway approaches
  • Swale restoration
  • Pavement marking, signage and ADA ramps

Project Phase II - In Design

Phase II of this project consists of the construction of a new storm water pump station, providing a reliable pumping system to remove storm water from the roadway, preventing the occurrence of flooding in the area. This will improve the City's overall resiliency as we address sea-level rise, sunny day flooding and rain/storm events.

Pump Station Location & Rendering
Fairview Pump Station Map

South Bayshore Lane and Fairview Pump Station Location Rendering

South Bayshore Lane and Fairview Street Pump Station Rendering

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