Neighborhood Service Center Division

Neighborhood Service Centers (formerly NET) help residents, businesses and property owners access city, county, state and federal government services. Our offices strive to raise the quality of life in Miami neighborhoods by providing resources, as well as information, and serving as the primary link to City government.  This office is now part of the Human Services Department.

Ms. vonCarol Y. Kinchens
Assistant Director of Human Services

If you need assistance with certain permits or processes, please visit the service page, as listed below. 

Request On-Demand Transportation

Apply for a Garage Sale Permit

Get a Certificate of Use (CU)

Get a Business Tax Receipt (BTR)

Tree Permits & Information

The City of Miami, in collaboration with Miami-Dade County, formed an initiative to focus on sustaining the changes in our communities where older adults can stay active, engaged and healthy with dignity and enjoyment.

Globally, people are living longer, and our populations are growing older. Miami-Dade has the largest population of older adults in the State of Florida, with over half a million adults aged 60 and over in the County; and that population is expected to increase. Most communities were not built for this shift in demographics.  Our economies, policies and communities were not built to accommodate an aging population or aging culture. How well we respond to the aging phenomenon and meet the needs of older adults will depend on how well we prepare our communities to do so, and how we can work collectively towards sustainable change to ensure our community us a place where people of all ages can live with the quality of life they need and deserve.  

For additional information on the Age Friendly Initiative, you may contact (305) 960-5110.