Mayor's Budget Message

Mayor Suarez Headshot.jpg

Fellow Residents and Honorable Commissioners:

I am pleased to present the proposed Operating Budget and Multi-Year Capital Plan for the fiscal year 2021-22 beginning October 1, 2021.

This budget acknowledges the past year of uncertainty and hardships, prioritizes our residents, and prepares us for the opportunities of the future. This budget does not raise taxes or fees, does not reduce City services and does not balance our costs on our employees or our residents. Instead, it restores government services to pre-COVID levels and adds new public safety and building department positions. It is a budget that we can all support, adopt, and implement to build a better Miami.

I want to assure our residents and taxpayers that we are not raising the property tax rate or the household waste collection fee. Your families and businesses have sacrificed enough over the past year without your local government adding to your burden. Above all, we are here to help you and to serve you.

For business owners, we continue to move our city services online and to increase the speed at which you can access those city services by simplifying and computerizing our permitting functions to save you time and costs.

For the employees of the City of Miami, we believe that we can build on our new opportunities and we can overcome this past year of hardship together by moving toward a better future.

Our city is the Magic City because of our people, our tenacity, and our dreams. Our city was built by mavericks, immigrants and innovators. They overcame incredible hardships, burdens and challenges; and now, we will do the same.  

Mayor Francis Suarez Signature